VISA application AIDA

VISA application  AIDA 2018/19 > AIDAbella

 These ship trips are subject to VISA .   No VISA on Arrival!   No  e-visa!

The visas are issued by the Cambodian Embassy in Berlin       .


Ship's manifest AIDA         :
Here are your personal passport data entered

       -> they are a condition of entry and customs clearance by ship in the ports!

           including the passenger-VISA! must be entered! Here: for Sihanoukville

       -> closing date of the registration (!) -> 4 days before check-in at the departure airport


Please download the application form / PDF

         or use

        ´VISA online PDF to complete the form on the computer and print.

Please note the VISA application procedure and read also VISA_FAQ and VISA_Hinweise.


Time for Ship trips ->  AIDA 2018/19:

          -> over PORT:     Sihanoukville /Cambodia

    TK 22.10.2020